Hydrophobic Silica
Fumed silica (HX-200)
Fumed Silica (HX-150)
Fumed SilicaHX- 200 ( Pharmaceutical grade )
Fumed Silica HX-380
Precipitated Silica
Anti-caking agent (desiccant)
Opening agent for plastic film
Super-fine Silica
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Nanometer zinc oxide
Active zinc oxide
Feed zinc oxide
FT Rubber Active Agent
Direct zinc oxide
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Feed zinc oxide

Nature The white or the decadent powder, the density 5.606, the melting point 1975℃, is one kind of intermediate oxide, does not dissolve in the water or the ethyl alcohol, dissolves in the acid and alkali solution. When high temperature assumes the yellow, after the cooling, restores the white.
Outward appearance White powder
Project Top-quality product Second product Third-class product
The zinc oxide (does idea)%≥ 98 95 90
The lead monoxide (counts by Pb %≤) 0.0055 0.05 0.059
Cd(Cd) 0.005 0.004 0.048
As(AS) 0.004 0.0042 0.052
H2O(H2O) 0.2 0.2 0.22
Characteristic 1,st, the zinc oxide and other zinc source compare, unit zinc cost obvious low, favors the low feed additive the cost, the recruitment is equal to the sulfuric acid monohydrate zinc 44%, seven water zinc sulfate 28%
2,nd, the zinc oxide to do the powdery zinc source, the stability is good in the feed, does not contain water, does not agglomerate, the invariability, is advantageous for the feed processing and the standing storage, is small to the feed Vitamin influence.
3,rd, the zinc oxide makes the zinc source, compared to other zinc source change by the animal absorption, is made up the zinc effect to be good.
Major technique target High quality conforms to GB/T 3185-92 (by percentage idea)
Memory Should in cool, dry, ventilates place the airtight preservation
Packing Plastic knitting bag inside lining plastic bag packing, each bag of net weight 25 kilograms.

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