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FT Rubber Active Agent

    F、T rubber active agent technology developed by the University of Science and Technology of China, the use of rich mineral resources development and reinforcing agent, dispersant, wetting agent, a variety of special process again surfactant composition made of high-tech processing and environmental products. By the Ministry of Chemical Industry Research and Design Institute of Rubber Industry, and many manufacturers test and the use of rubber, natural rubber products in the show, synthetic and replaced with plastic moderate znlo/2 all formula and the remaining indirect zinc oxide and used as active agent can be fully met or exceeded all of the effects of zinc oxide alone.
F, and T rubber activity and the use of zinc oxide, zinc oxide is difficult to eliminate the use of decentralized weaknesses, good materials scattered throughout the system. Meanwhile they activated curing system as a whole to achieve the activity of curing, curing to increase, curing curve flat, relatively safe process, vulcanized rubber products and greatly improving overall performance.
F、T zinc oxide and rubber active agent with the best ratio :
    F, T/zinc=50/50-60/40 in such cases over the scope and use, and single zinc oxide, apart from the above advantages as well with the most significant following advantages :
    ① T10 long , T90 (%)=- 4.49 × SaO2 short, mix materials to improve the focus of practice time, and improved plastic raw material processing safety and shorten the curing time and raise the efficiency of production.
    ②Second-aging agent performance;
    ③ raise the NBR oil resistance;
    ④ has also improved the physical properties of vulcanized rubber; ⑤ compound significantly lower costs, and increase product efficiency.

FT Rubber Active Agent

Item Indicator
Appearance White powder
Heating reductions≤ 0.5
45vm Screen residue≤ 1%
Activity zno 6-8%
Activity AL2O3 30-40%

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