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Opening agent for plastic film


  Package: Plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag,net weight 25 kg per bag.


  Opening agent is white powder or granular,non-toxic,tasteless,insoluble in water,soluble in organic solvent such as toluene,ethanol,ethyl ether.The formula is SiO2nH2O.It has a narrow particle size distribution,high purity and transparency,and can be used as polyethylene,polypropylene,polyvinyl chloride(PVC),ethylene-propylene copolymer,polyester film anti sticking agent, etc.

  Range of application:

  Used for blown film smooth agent, opening agent, antistatic agent, anti caking agent, can improve the plastic injection molding and extrusion molding processing operation, make the opening of tubular membrane is easy, can also for other resin smooth agent and remover.


  Adding ultrafine silicon dioxide gel particles in the film before drawing film material,form tiny bump layer in the thin film surface, and prevent low molecular weight substances to leak out around each other.So that the film is very easy to open.


  This product is a non-dangerous goods, store in a cool, ventilated, dry place;Prevent bask in, moisture.



SiO2 content%


Average particle size


The specific surface area


Oil absorption


The white degree


The pH value


Loss on drying


Loss on ignition (950 ℃ -2h


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