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Active zinc oxide

Basic property: Molecular formula: ZnO molecular weight: 81.39

The active zinc oxide for the white or the micro yellow spherical attritive powder, density 5.47g/cm3, the melting point 1800 ℃, does not dissolve in the water, dissolves in the acid, the alkali, the ammonium chloride and the ammonia water. Can absorb in the air in the humid air the carbon dioxide production basic zinc carbonate. Its biggest characteristic is the particle size 50-100 nanometers, has in a big way compared to the indirect method zinc oxide and the direct method zinc oxide compared to the surface area, has the high-activity and the good dispersivity in the application.

Carries out the standard: HHXPQB-YHX(HX)-2005

Physics and chemistry target:



ZnO( ZnO )content,% ≥


Moisture content,% ≤


Water-soluble content,% ≤


Burns the loss on ignition , % ≤


Hydrochloric acid insoluble substance content,% ≤


Lead monoxide(by the Pb idea) content,% ≤


Degree of fineness (45um Experimental screen tailings ) ,% ≤


Compared to surface area (m2 /g) ,


Stack density (g/ml ) ,



1,st, the special-purpose industry active zinc oxide has the trundle to be good, the dispersive fine characteristic, its particle size is in addition small, the structure is light and is loose, the nitrogen adsorption is bigger than the surface area, causes it when serves as the curing active ingredient, in the sizing material distributes evenly, is big with the hydrogen sulfide contacted area, carries on the interface reaction opportunity to be big, in addition this product activated material helps the catalytic effect, causes the zinc oxide to transform for the zinc sulfide conversion rate is high. Therefore as synthetic rubber's curing promoter and the good strengthening agent, is the ordinary zinc oxide amount used 50 - 70%.

2,nd, the special-purpose industry active zinc oxide in the oak models in the industry to serve as ultraviolet ray's stabilizer, can cause the polyethylene to bear the big disposition to have the good improvement.

3,rd, the special-purpose industry active zinc oxide and the resinic acid has the response, but makes the zinc resin which results, may use for to produce the quick-setting ink, has the good coloring function.

4,th, the special-purpose industry active zinc oxide makes the zinc oxide sweetening agent, has the surface area is bigger than, the penetration sulfur allows high, the mechanical strength to be high, the stack crevice is big, the bed level pressure drop small characteristic, widely applies in the synthetic ammonia,Industry feed gases, oil and so on methyl alcohol and system hydrogen depth desulphurization purification process. Under certain temperature and the pressure can the gas in the micro hydrogen sulfide, the organic sulphur density reduce effectively.

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