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Fumed silica (HX-200)


  Other Names: white carbon black

  Fumed silica is made by the hydrolyzed chlorosilane with high temperature in hydrogen and oxygen blaze. It is a kind of inorganic fine chemical products which is white, nonpoisonous, odourless and amorphous. HS972, HS974, and HS976 are hydrophobic fumed silica.

  Hydrophobic fumed silica is produced by the chemical reaction of hydrophilic fumed silica and active silane (DMCS or HMDS). It presents hydrophobic property because its surface is replaced by the unhydrolyzed methyl groups. It is white powder with high purity and cannot be dispersed in water.

  It is the combination of the chemical treament agent and the original hydrophilic oxide with chemical bond. Besides the advantages of hydrophilic products, hydrophobic fumed silica has low moisture absorption, great dispersion and rheological adjustment ability towards the polar system. Some products will be helpful to the R&D of new products by structural modifications based on a water repellent treatment. They can also improve the product performance in this way, e.g. in the liquid system, hydrophobic fumed silica can reach large addition amount with little effect on system.

  Packaging Detail: 10kg/bag or as client's request.


  Silicon Rubber: Improves silicon rubbers durability, rebound rate, and anti-distortion performance.

  Plastics Industry: Improves plastic s tenacity, strength and prevents water absorption

  Coating Industry: Prevents agglomeration and drip. Thixotropic additives. Increase denseness and smoothness of paint.

  Medicine Industry: Increase denseness ,floating , carrying function in medicine. It also can be used as the pesticide powder and anti-agglomeration.


Test Standard

Product type


Specific surface area( /g)


Determination of PH value of an aqueous suspension4%


Loss on drying 105deg.C m/m %


Loss on ignition(dry product)1,000deg.C  (m/m %)


Sieve residuem/m %


Apparent density( g/L)


SiOcontent m/m %


Carbon content (m/m %)


PH value


Moisture content 


bulk density (g/c)


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