Hydrophobic Silica
Fumed silica (HX-200)
Fumed Silica (HX-150)
Fumed SilicaHX- 200 ( Pharmaceutical grade )
Fumed Silica HX-380
Precipitated Silica
Anti-caking agent (desiccant)
Opening agent for plastic film
Super-fine Silica
Rubber antioxidant RD
F、T rubber active agent
Nano White Carbon Black
Nanometer Active Calcium Carbonate
Nanometer zinc oxide
Active zinc oxide
Feed zinc oxide
FT Rubber Active Agent
Direct zinc oxide
Indirect zinc oxide
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Fumed Silica (HX-150)


  Other Names : Silicon dioxide .


  1. Rubber-----Required to give 40 times the highest strength , modulus, yield point can be increased about 10 -fold , elongation, creep properties can be obtained very significant improvement . Fully meet its reinforcing effect of the level of carbon black and carbon black to overcome the pollution.

  2. Sealants and adhesives-----Thickeners and thixotropic agents can be used to increase the bonding strength, to ensure the free flow of preventing agglomeration and sagging during curing , the collapse of loose , depression, transparency , reinforcement , shear and so on.

  3. Plastic-----Plastic products can be improved density, smoothness and wear resistance. If the surface modification through appropriate , you can achieve the same plastic toughening purposes. In a particular way , can be obtained a high wear resistance, high hardness, polyethylene composite materials.

  4. Thixotropic polyester resin and gelcoat-----Make products plus uniform thickness , shrinkage, while reducing r resin flowing and dripping and reduce resin waste and protect the production environment.

  5. Putty-----Can be used as anti-settling agent , has a good anti-settling effect and excellent thixotropy.

  6. Paint-----Available anti-caking , anti-sagging , emulsification, extinction , suspension, thickening and thixotropic and other functions.

  7. Fiber-----To protect the fiber surface from water erosion , improved fatigue resistance and aging optical properties.

  8. Other-----The pharmaceutical industry as a tabletting aid , the active ingredient carrier, efficient pesticide carrier , the semiconductor wafer polishing agents , anti-caking agent powder matter


Test Standard

Product type


Specific surface area( /g)


Determination of PH value of an aqueous suspension4%


Loss on drying 105deg.C m/m %


Loss on ignition(dry product)1,000deg.C  (m/m %)


Sieve residuem/m %


Apparent density( g/L)


SiOcontent m/m %


Carbon content (m/m %)


Fe content ppm


Average particle size


  Packaging Detail : 10kg/bag or as client's request.

  1.6M.T for 1*20ft(With Pallet)

  4..0M.T for 1*40ft (HQ)(With Pallet)

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